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You are required to have CE certification by Ist July 2014!

By 2014 all Structural Steel must be CE Marked. All companies that manufacture or supply structural steel will need to have the following in place.

Purchasing systems will need to change to only buy CE Marked sections, bolts and welding consumables.
A Quality Control system that is preferably compliant with BS EN ISO 9001 in line with the Euro Codes BS EN 1090-1 and BS EN 1090-2 must be in place.

A Welding Quality Management system in line with the appropriate part of BS EN ISO 3834 must be in place.
The company should either employ or have access to a Responsible Welding Coordinator in accordance with BS EN ISO 3834 to control their welding quality management system.

Once you have the above in place become certified by an approved body.

To obtain the conformity status will take some time and will not be achievable “overnight”
“CE marking to EN 1090-1  covers any steel or aluminium components to be used as load-bearing parts of works designed to provide mechanical resistance and stability to the works and/or fire resistance, including aspects of durability and serviceability supplied as a product or kit which is supplied for distribution or use on the Union market in the course of a commercial activity, whether in return for payment or free of charge for incorporation in a permanent manner in buildings and civil engineering works or parts thereof and the performance of the construction works with respect to the basic requirements for construction works.“

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The benefits of having the CE mark

The construction industry is facing one of
the most significant changes for a decade
as CE Marking of construction products
becomes mandatory in all Member States
throughout the European Union and the
European Economic Area.


Essential information

Steel construction by TATA Steel
The certification process by CE Marking Plus

Applicaton form BSI Group